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NameSanskritDetail ContentSanskrit Syllabus for 6 months (산스크리트어-6개월 커리큘럼)

 Alphabets- Vowels and Consonants
 Writing simple words

 Combining vowels and sounds
 Exercise for writing vowels with different sounds.

 Conjoined Consonants(Ksha,Tra, Gnya)-Recognition and writing
 Learning to write numbers in Sanskrit

 Making Simple words combining letters

 Making simple sentences combining words

 Learning Sanskrit with the help of pictures, diagrams and exercises.

 Communicative dialogues pertaining to day to day life.

 Forms of verbs in four lakaras Paradigms of nouns used Chanting verses.
PeriodInquire: 02-792-4257
TimeRegular (Tues, Thurs)
 Batch A 5:30 pm~6:30 pm
Tuition Fee70,000/Semester of 10 weeks
PreparationNotebook, Pen

* The detail of Harmonium classwill be updated soon.

NameHarmoniumDetail ContentTheory : 

Basic Knowledge of music, musical instruments, Sound, Origin of Sound, Two forms of Indian classical music (Hindustani / Karnatak).

Basic knowledge of Talas for instance Teentaal, Dadra & Keherwa.

Practice :

Will learn to play the basic notes.

-Sargam and swarmalika
-Knowledge of Ragas and Raginis.
-Learn to play sargam (sa,re,ga,ma,pa,dha,ni) and alankars
-Two ragas:
PeriodInquire: 02-792-4257
Time Saturday - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Tuition Fee50,000/Semester of 10 weeks