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Workshop on Facets of Modern India

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Workshop on Facets of Modern India
현대 인도의 양상 워크샵

(Sept 1-14, 2020)

Indian Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, Seoul organized a ten day online workshop on ‘Facets of Modern India’ by globally renowned experts from India - a truly master class of ideas of India, by top class, best and brightest minds from India.

Since day one of this Workshop, series of brainstorming sessions were organised with an excellent galaxy of speakers, all leading in their own domain, to give glimpses of Modern India on a virtual platform. The Workshop started on 1st Sept with the Inaugural Address by President of ICCR Dr. Vinay Sahashrabuddhe on the ‘Idea of India’ subsequent lectures were by Prof Makrand Paranjape, Prof. Hrushikesh Senapaty, Amb Mohan Kumar, Ms Indrani Bagchi, Amb T C A Raghavan, Amb Shyam Saran, Amb Amandeep Gill and Mr Kamal Kishore on issues related to Indian Philosophy, Education Policy, Economy, Media, Foreign Policy, India’s strategic culture, Disarmament, International Security and India’s response to Disaster risk mitigation.

The Valedictory lecture on 14th September was delivered by Mr Ram Madhav on the Indian democratic experience. Outlining the features of ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ in India, he shared his perspectives on the working of Indian democracy at the grassroots level and the challenges thereof. He also shared the contribution of great Indian leaders such as Mahatama Gandhi. Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Dr B. R. Ambedkar in building up the Modern India. He also spoke about the role of ‘people’s power’ in a democracy and counted upon the achievements of the current government.

This lecture was also attended by Mr. Oh Young-jin, President of Korea Times who spoke on geo-political dimensions of the region and historical and cultural linkages between the two countries. According to him, ‘democracy’ is a common element that binds both the countries and they can together fight with the undemocratic forces challenging them. He also shared South Korea’s path to development and democracratisation along with major political developments in Republic of Korea. 

The Workshop received overwhelming response and was attended by students, researchers, academicians, Indologists and journalist from both India and Republic of Korea in large numbers.

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주한 인도문화원과 인도대사관은 세계적으로 명망있는 인도의 저명인사들과 함께하는 ‘현대 인도의 양상’ 온라인 워크샵을 10일동안 개최했다.

워크샵은 각분야를 이끌고 있는 훌륭한 연사들의 현대 인도에 대한 강연으로 화상회의를 통해 진행됐다. 9 1일 인도문화교류위원회 비나이사하슈라붇데 위원장의 ‘인도의 사상에 대한 기조연설을 시작으로마크란드 파란자페교수와 루쉬케쉬세나파티 교수모한 쿠마르대사인드라니 박치 편집장, T C A 라그반 대사 사란대사아만딥 카말키쇼르가 인도철학교육정책경제미디어외교 정책군축국제안보와 재난관리 등과관련된 이슈에관해 강연했다.

9 14일 마지막 강연에서는 람 마다브가 인도의 민주주의에 대해 연설했다인도의 의회 민주주의에 관해 설명하면서 인도의 풀뿌리 민주주의와 그에 직면하는 과제에 대해 자신의 견해를 공유했다.  그는 현대 인도를 건설해 감에 있어 마하트마 간디라젠드라 프라사드, B. R. 암베드카르와 같은 위대한 인도 지도자들의 공헌을 언급했다또한 민주주의에 있어 '국민의 '의 역할에 대해 논하며 현 정부의 성과에 기대를 걸었다.

마지막 강연에는 오영진 코리아타임즈사장이 참석해 양국의 역사-문화적 연계성과 지리-정치적 관점에 대한 견해를 공유하며 '민주주의'는 두 나라를 묶는 공통적인 요소로서양국이 도전하는 비민주적인세력에 함께 맞설 수 있다고 언급했다또한 대한민국의 주요 정치 발전과 함께 한국의 발전과 민주화를 위한 길을 공유했다.

워크샵에는 한국과 인도의 학생학자연구원언론인 등 다양한 참가자들이 적극적으로 참여했다.

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DAY#1  (1 September 2020): Inaugural Address of ‘The Ideas of India’

Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, President of Indian Council of Cultural Relations, gave the inaugural address at the workshop on ‘Facets of Modern India’. He spoke on ‘Idea of India’, the theme of Day 1. H.E Sripriya Ranganathan, Ambassador of India to ROK, welcomed more than 160 participants. 

DAY#2  (2 September 2020): Indian Philosophical Traditions

Professor Makarand R. Paranjape, Director of Indian Institute of Advanced Study, gave the special lecture on 'Indian Philosophical Traditions' & shared his perspectives on 'Swami Vivekananda & the Indian Renaissance' on Day 2. 

DAY#3  (3 September 2020): National Education Policy 2020

Professor Hrushikesh Senapaty, Director of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), gave special lecture on 'National Education Policy 2020' and shared his views on transformational reforms in school & higher education. The Session was attended by 180 participants inquisitive about the new curriculum and pedagogy under the New Education Policy.

DAY#4  (4 September 2020): Indian Economy in Transition

Ambassador Mohan Kumar, Chairman of Research and Information System for Developing Countries, gave a brilliant exposition of 'Indian economy in Transition' along with challenges of the Indian growth model & India’s economic diplomacy in a post COVID World. Over 150 participants attended.

DAY#5  (7 September 2020): Media, States and Society in India

Ms. Indrani Bagchi, Diplomatic Editor of Times of India, gave an informative lecture on the growth & evolution of Media in India on the fifth day of the Workshop on Facets of Modern India.

DAY#6  (8 September 2020): Indian Foreign Policy: Continuity & Change

Ambassador T C A Raghavan, Director General of Indian Council of World Affairs, spoke on 'Indian Foreign Policy: Continuity & Change' on the sixth day of the Workshop on Facets of Modern India. He gave an overview of Indian Foreign Policy along with domestic & external factors shaping it in the last 7 decades. Dr. Haksoon Paik, President of Sejong Institute and Ms. KyungJin Song, Director of FN Global Issues Center have participated and interacted. 

DAY#7 (9 September 2020): India’s Strategic Culture and Thinking

Ambassador Shyam Saran, Former Foreign Secretary of India gave a Special Lecture on 'India's Strategic Culture & Thinking' and the historical sources of India’s worldview on the seventh day of the Workshop on Facets of Modern India. H.E. Sripriya Ranganathan, Ambassador of India to ROK gave her remarks and Mr. Surinder Bhagat, Deputy Chief of Mission of Embassy of India, Seoul has participated and interacted with participants.

DAY#8 (10 September 2020): Disarmament and International Security: An Indian Perspective

Ambassador Amandeep Gill, Director of International Digital Health & AI Research Collaborative gave a lecture on Indian response to Disarmament & International Security on eighth day of workshop on Facets of Modern India. Mr. Kriti Das Tokchom, Second Secretary of Embassy of India Seoul summed up Session. 

DAY#9 (11 September 2020): Disaster Risk Mitigation: The Indian Perspective

Mr. Kamal Kishore, Member of National Disaster Management Authority gave a Special Lecture on Disaster Risk Mitigation: Global & Indian responses on ninth day of workshop on Facets of Modern India. H.E. Sripriya Ranganathan, Ambassador of India to ROK gave remarks. 

DAY#10 (14 September 20202): Indian Democracy (Valedictory Address)

Mr. Ram Madhav, Director of India Foundation gave the Valedictory Address on Indian Democratic Experiments and highlighted the working of Indian democracy, Election & party system in India on 10th day of workshop on Facets of Modern India. H.E. Sripriya Ranganathan, Ambassador of India to ROK gave welcome remarks. Mr. Oh Young-jin, President of Korea Times spoke at the session. Prof. Lee Geo-Lyong and Prof. Choi Jung-ug spoke at the Valedictory Session. Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha gave his comments.


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