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SARANG 2020: The 6th Festival of India in the republic of Korea (제6회 사랑-인도문화축제)

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The 6th Festival of India in the republic of Korea
 6 2020 사랑-인도문화축제

The Inaugural Session was hosted by the Cultural Centre Online on 16th October 2020 which featured a LIVE interaction with Mr. Imtiaz Ali, a noted Indian Film Director whose block buster films like ‘Jab We Met’, ‘Rockstar’, ‘Highway’ and ‘Love Aaj Kal’ have created records in the box office. Mr Lucky, an Indian TV personality in Korea and restaurateur had conversation with Mr. Imtiaz Ali which was followed by the LIVE interaction by the participants.

2020년 10 16일 개막식에서는 '우리가 만났을때 Jab We Met', '락스타 Rockstar', '하이웨이 Highway', '오늘날의 사랑 Love Aaj Kal' 같은 블록버스터 영화로 박스오피스에서 기록을 세운 유명 인도 영화감독 임티아즈 알리 (Imtiaz Ali) 감독과 인도 출신 방송인 럭키(Lucky) 대화를 나누며 관객들과의 교류의 시간을 가졌습니다

The Indian culture showcased at Nami Island famous for its scenic beauty and picturesque surrounding on 17-18th October 2020. It hosted the Classical Indian Odissi dance recital by Korean Odissi Dancer Ms. Beena Keum and her group. Kathak dance was performed by Ms Oh Sukhee, Korean Kathak dancer. A student’s dance group ‘Saraswati’ from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies danced on the tune of famous Bollywood numbers. Keeping in tune with nature, Yoga Sessions was also organized at the mystic gardens of Nami Island famous for its incredible scenery and beautiful landscape.

10 17~18일에는 그림같이 아름답기로 유명한 남이섬에서 인도 문화 공연이 펼쳐졌습니다한국인 오디시 무용가 금빛나와 까탁 무용가 오숙희의 인도 고전 무용 리사이틀한국외국어대학교춤동아리 사라스와띠의 발리우드 댄스 공연을 선보였습니다아름다운 남이섬의 자연과 함께하는 요가 세션 시간도 함께 했습니다.  

On 20th October, an online LIVE interaction with Mr. Prakash Jha, a multiple award winning independent Film Maker from India was held. His recent film ‘Matto’s Bicycle’ has been selected for the world premier under – ‘A Window on Asian Cinema’ category at Busan International Film Festival 2020. It was followed by screening of winning Youtuber video.

10월 20일에는 다수의 수상 이력을 지닌 인도 독립 영화 프로듀서 프라카시  (Prakash Jha)  온라인을 통해 만남을 가졌습니다그의 최근 영화 '마토의 자전거 Matto’s Bicycle'  부산국제영화에서 '아시 영화의 부문에 선정되기도 했습니다또한 유튜버 콘테스트 수상자 발표와 수상작 상영이 이어졌습니다

Remembering the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi and noteworthy role played by his wife Mrs. Kasturba Gandhi in ‘making Gandhi into a Mahatma’, a ‘Kasturba Katha’ was narrated by noted Gandhian scholar – Dr. Shobhana Radhakrishna on 21st October 2020.

10월 21일에는 마하트마 간디의 유산과 그를 ‘마하트마 (위대한 영혼)’ 만드는데 기여한 그의 아내 카스투르바 간디를 기억하며 인도의 저명 간디학자 쇼바나 라다크리슈나(shobhana Radhakrishna)로부터 ‘카스투르바 카타(이야기)’ 시간이 있었습니다

Gimhae City also joined the festivities by Livestreaming the musical drama of Queen Heo ‘Miracle Love’ along with Indian Classical Dance recital ‘Ritu – Celebrating Seasons of India’ by Odissi Group led by Namrata Mehta on 23rd October 2020.

김해시는 10월 23남라타 메타 (Namrata Mehta) 이끄는 오디시 무용단이 인도의 계절들을 주제로 선보이는 ‘리투 Ritu-Celebrating Seasons of India’ 허황후를 주제로 한 뮤지컬 ‘미라클 러브 Miracle Love’와 시립가야금연주단의 공연을 라이브 스트리밍으로 선보였습니다

Miryang City was also partnering with the Cultural Centre in hosting a Virtual Yoga Concert on 31st October. Given the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic including restrictions on the movement of people and a slowdown in our daily activities, this virtual Yoga Concert kept our friends in Korea connect to the intriguing world of Yoga, which is a powerful tool to deal with stress, uncertainty and isolation, as well as to maintain physical well-being.

밀양시에서는 10 31 요가콘서트를 온라인으로 진행했습니다코로나 19 대유행으로 인한 여러가지 제약과 그로 인해 여러모로 둔화된 우리의 일상에 요가 콘서트를 통해 스트레스와 불확실성고립에 대처하며 건강한 신체를 유지하게 주는 신비로운 요가의 세계를 소개했습니다


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