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Ayurveda Week

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아유르베다 주간

9th November – 13th November 2020

Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, Seoul popularly known as Indian Cultural Centre organised Ayurveda Week in association with Yongsan district of Seoul and Wonkwang Digital University from 9-13th November 2020.

Ayurveda Day which falls on 13th November also coincides with Dhanwantari Jayanti, revered to be as the ‘God of Health’, which aims at promoting Ayurveda for heath globally. It is a global initiative to promote and preserve the health science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda Day is also supported by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

Given the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic including restrictions on the movement of people and a slowdown in our daily activities, Indian Cultural Centre organised this Week-long virtual discussion on the occasion of Ayurveda Day through video conference and other social media platforms. This Week-long celebration featured 4 Special Lecture on diverse themes of Ayurveda. On the fifth day, an International Symposium on Ayurveda was held where leading experts on Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine in India and Korea spoke and presented their thoughts for exchange of knowledge on traditional medicine in both the countries.

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주한인도대사관과 인도문화원은 용산구청원광디지털대학교와 2020년 11월 9일부터 13일까지 닷새간 ‘아유르베다 주간’ 행사를 개최했습니다

아유르베다를 세계적으로 홍보하기 위해 지정된 ‘아유르베다의 날’은 올해는 11 13일로건강의 신으로 숭배 받는 ‘단완타리’의 탄생일과 같은 날입니다수천년 동안 전해져 내려온 전통의학 아유르베다를 보존하고 홍보하기 위한 국제적 이니셔티브로 인도 정부 AYUSH부와 인도문화교류위원회가 후원합니다

이동이 제한되고 일상 활동에 제약을 받는  코로나 대유행 시기에주한인도문화원은 아유르베다의 날을 기념하며 일주일간의 화상 회의 프로그램을 진행했습니다아유르베다에 관한 4일간의 특별강연 후 5일차에는 한국과 인도의 아유르베다 전문가들이 함께 국제 심포지움을 진행하며 양국의 전통의학에 관한 지식과 의견을 교류하는 시간을 가졌습니다.

보도자료 보기 (클릭)

DAY 1  

9th November 2020 ‘Ayurveda-Wisdom to find self’ by Dr. Ko Kyung Ha
 9일 아유르베다나를 찾아가는 지혜 (강연자슈리베다 대표 고경하)


10th November 2020 ‘Elements of Ayurveda’ by Dr. Ko Kyung Ha (Director of Shriveda)
 10일 삶을 지탱하는 3가지 (강연자슈리베다 대표 고경하)

DAY 3 

11th November 2020 ‘Ayurvedic Traditions in Past’ by Mr. Baek Dusan (pursuing MD from Gujarat Ayurveda University)
 11일 아유르베다과거와 현재  (강연자구자라트 아유르베다 대학교 MD 과정 백두산)

DAY 4 

12th November 2020 ‘Ayurveda: Present Scenario’ by Mr. Baek Dusan (pursuing MD from Gujarat Ayurveda University)
 12일 아유르베다과거와 현재  (강연자구자라트 아유르베다 대학교 MD 과정 백두산)

DAY 5 

13th November 2020 ‘International Symposium on AYURVEDA : Traditional Medicine in India & Korea
 13일 아유르베다 국제 심포지움 인도와 한국의 전통의학

  • Keynote Address by Prof. Tanuja Nesari (Director, All India Institute of Ayurveda, New Delhi)
  • Congratulatory Remarks by H. E. Mr. Seong Jang-hyun (Mayor, Yongsan District Office)
  • Special Address by Dr. Seo Jong-soon (Dean, Yoga & Meditation Dept. Wonkwang Digital University)
  • Special Address by Dr. Ram Manohar (Research Director, Amrita Ayurveda University)
  • Welcome remarks by H. E. Ms. Sripriya Ranganathan (Ambassador of India to the Republic of Korea)|
  • Presentations by Dr. Ko Kyung-ha (Director, Shriveda), Dr. Lee Jae-hee (Director, Haneul Hyanggi Oriental Medical Clinic), Dr. Song Han-young (CEO, Vedalife), Mr. Baek Dusan from Gujarat Ayurved University. 

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