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보리심-인도에서 아시아로, 불교미술 전통의 조화와 통합|BODHICITTA-Interweaving Buddhist Art Traditions from India Across Asia

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 인도국립박물관 불교유물 가상전시회 보리심 – 인도에서 아시아로불교미술 전통의 조화와 통합
(Korean version)

 “BODHICITTA – Interweaving Buddhist Art Traditions from India across Asia”
- Digital Exhibition curated by National Museum, New Delhi
(English version)

A Congratulatory Message by Ven. Tantan
Director of the Central Buddhist Museum of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

A Message by Ms. Riva Ganguly Das
Secretary (East), Ministry of External Affairs, India announcing the launch of the Exhibition

A Congratulatory Message by Shri Subrata Nath
Additional Director General, National Museum,
New Delhi

A Congratulatory Message by Dr. Sonu Trivedi
Director of Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, Seoul

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