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[Recruitment Notice 채용 공고] INVITING INSTRUCTORS OF INDIAN CULTURE 인도 문화 선생님을 모집합니다

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Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, Seoul (SVCC)  is inviting local talents  for conducting regular classes at SVCC in fields of Indian Classical Dance (Odissi/Bharatnatyam), Instrumental Music (Tabla/Harmonium/Sitar) Yoga, Sanskrit and Hindi language. 



(1) Candidate should be the citizen of the Republic of Korea or having NRI status with valid work permit.

(2) Fluency in English and Korean language

(3) Minimum of 3 years degree with 3 years of experience

OR 2 years diploma/certificate or training in the concerned field for a minimum period of 2 years from renowned institution/Guru with 4 years of experience.

(4) Adequate knowledge of history, philosophy and traditions of Indian music, dance, art and culture.


(1) Experience in teaching of concerned art form

(2) Sound knowledge in use of computers including recording/downloading audio/video, mixing and editing video from the YouTube/internet

(3) Experience in giving performance/lecture demonstrations

(4) Should be good at production of stage programmes/choreography and examination preparation. Candidate must be able to take initiative and strive to help students to achieve their personal best with high expectation of attainment, progress and behaviour.

Age : Between 25 to 50 years

Remuneration may be decided in negotiation according to the qualification and the number of classes taken by the instructor weekly/monthly.  

Interested candidates may please send detailed CV along with certified documents to below email address by 11 April 2021.
Email: inf.iccseoul@mea.gov.in

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채용 공고

모집 과목인도 고전 무용 (오디시/바라타나티얌), 악기 연주 (타블라/하모니움/시타르), 요가산스크리트힌디


1. 지원자는 한국 국적이거나 법적으로 취업이 가능한 NRI이어야 합니다.

2. 영어와 한국어가 가능해야 합니다. (영어로 기본적인 의사소통은 가능하셔야 합니다)

3. 지원 

3-1. 지원자는 지원하는 과목에 대해 3 이상의 학위 과정 이후 3 이상의 경력이 있거

3-2. 지원하는 과목에 대해 2 이상의 수료 과정 (디플로마 포함이후 4 이상의 경력이 있거

3-3. 혹은 저명한 기관/스승 아래에서 2 이상 훈련받고 4 이상의 경력이 있어야 합니다.

4. 인도의 전반적인 문화 (역사철학인도 문화 전통 ) 대해 적절한 지식이 있어야 합니다.


1. 지원 과목에 대한 수업 경험이 있어야 합니다.

2. 녹화나 영상/오디오 다운로드믹싱영상 편집유튜브  컴퓨터에 대한 이해가 있으면 좋습니다.

3. 공연이나 강의 데모 경험이 있으면 좋습니다.

4. 무대 프로그램/안무 제작과 시험 준비에 능해야 합니다지원자는 학생들의 성취발전태도에 대한 높은 기대를 갖고 학생들이 최선을 달성할  있도록 솔선수범하고 노력해야 합니다.

나이 제한 25 이상 ~  50 

보수 /월별 수업 시수와 선생님의 자격 사항에 따라 협의하여 정해집니다.

관심있는 지원자는 자세한 영문 이력서와 이력을 뒷받침할  있는 첨부문서를 2021 4 11일까지 이메일로 보내주시기 바랍니다.

보내실 : inf.iccseoul@mea.gov.in