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Concept Note

Embassy of India, Seoul is organising Second Online Workshop from September 1-14, 2021 on ‘Facets of the India-Republic of Korea Partnership’. During this series, a host of globally renowned experts from India and Republic of Korea will speak on themes related to foreign policy, cyber security, artificial intelligence, unicorns and decacorns, social, cultural and economic issues along with other aspects of Special Strategic Partnership between the two countries. This interactive forum with Korean and Indian scholars will help us understand nuances of various critical issues and identify areas of cooperation between the two countries.

The Workshop is designed in way to have a partner organization each from the Korean and Indian side. Various Korean agencies have agreed for institutional partnership which includes: IFANS; KIEP; KISDI; PCFIR; KNDU; INSS and UNIDO-ITPO. Among the Indian partners include RIS; ICSSR; Niti Aayog; IAMAI and USI.
Each session of the Workshop will comprise of a presentation by Korean and Indian experts followed by interaction with the audiences. All sessions will be in English with simultaneous Korean interpretation. It is hoped that deliberations will be useful to participating scholars, academics and other relevant stakeholders in this Workshop. Some themes identified for deliberations in the Workshop are as below:

1) Synergies between ROK’s NSP Plus and India’s AEP in the Indo-Pacific Region
2) Overcoming the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Business Perspective
3) Changing Socio-Economic Landscape in India and Republic of Korea
4) Renewable Energy: Powering Our Future
5) Artificial Intelligence Policies in India and Republic of Korea
6) Cooperation in the era of Unicorns & Decacorns
7) Experiences in UNPKO and Plausible Areas of Convergence between Indian and ROK
8) Shared Cyber Security Challenges
9) Women in Diplomacy: Perspectives from India and ROK


A similar workshop on ‘Facets of Modern India’ was organised from September 1-14, 2020 by globally renowned experts from India .
All video lectures are available on the YouTube Channel of the Indian Cultural Centre at