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Guidelines for Indian Business travelers to ROK

Posted on: November 09, 2021 | Back | Print

Guidelines for Indian Business travelers to ROK 

In order for an Indian company to be exempt from quarantine when entering to Korea, invitation by a Korean company is essential.

A Korean company inviting an Indian company must submit an application for quarantine exemption to the Business Travel Support Center, (www.btsc.or.kr, email:btsc21@kita.net). It is a temporary online center established by Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE), Korea Industry Trade Association (KITA) and Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) for Korean business community. It provides business travel guideline and information amidst COVID- 19 outbreak and it supports businessmen in order to get a Certificate of Quarantine Exemption. i.e. an Indian company cannot be exempt from quarantine if it enters without an invitation from a Korean company.

Applications for quarantine exemption are received in general by the Business Travel Support Center, and will send it to the relevant Ministry/Organization in charge of screening for quarantine exemption according to the sector to which Korean company/ Institution belongs.  The evaluation procedure for quarantine exemption takes minimum 14 days.

For example, when a construction company applies for quarantine exemption, MOLIT becomes examination agency, and when a small and medium-sized company applies, Ministry of Start-ups and SMEs becomes Examination Agency.

*The requirements and procedure for business travel to RoK may be subject to change according to RoK government guideline.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Quarantine Exemption Qualifications

A. Full Vaccination Recommended: Visitor shall be vaccinated with doses of approved vaccines by WHO (World Health Organization) at least two weeks before submitting your quarantine exemption application form.

B. Quarantine Exemption Certificate: After processing by Examination Agency, it will share the Certificate with Business Travel Support Center which in turn will share it with a Korean company.  Subsequently Korean company will convey it to an India company.

C. PCR Test Required: A total of 3 PCR tests are required when entering Korea even after receiving the quarantine exemption.

  • 1st PCR test required 72 hours before arrival in Korea
  • 2ndPCR test required upon arrival in Korea
  • 3rdPCR test required after 6th day of stay in Korea

Cost of each test will range from KRW 100,000 to KRW 174,000

D: Required Forms (Korean company will sought following information from Indian company, before applying for Quarantine Exemption Certificate)

  • Quarantine Exemption Application
  • Memorandum of Compliance with Quarantine Regulations
  • Memorandum of Confirmation of 1st and 2nd Vaccination Certificates Authenticity
  • Passport Copy of the Applicant
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Proof of Residence (Ex. Hotel reservation confirmation, etc.)
  • Airline Ticket Confirmation
  • Information of the Korean inviting company

After receiving the quarantine exemption certification, the Korean company must provide an invitation letter to the Indian company, and the Indian company commences for a visa application procedure.

  1. Before leaving from India

Please print out 4 copies of the Korean Quarantine Exemption Certificate for each applicant to hand out at the airport. Also, please note that your flight tickets cannot be changed from the information written on the certificate. The quarantine exemption certificate is based on the  flight information and will be effective upon arrival of Indian Company representative. If traveler intended to change the flight information, the quarantine exemption application has to be resubmitted and re-approved.

  1. Upon arrival in Korea

    Receive quarantine exemption certificate before departure from relevant government agency via email. Print 4 hard copies of the certificate. Hand over Quarantine Exemption Certificate to customs at Incheon Airport.
    B. Fully vaccinated travelers with Quarantine Exemption Certificate will be able to take PCR test at a public health center in the district of hotel of stay or at Incheon Airport.
    C. PCR test results may take up to 1 day to be received and travelers are not allowed to leave the hotel room before that.
    D. The PCR test that traveler takes 72 hours before arrival in Korea must to be in either English or Korean. Name of Traveler, date of birth, PCR test method, PCR test date, test result, and test location should be clearly stated.

    November 9, 2021