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SARANG- 2019

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Sarang - the Festival of India in Republic of Korea will celebrate its 5th edition in 2019 which showcases India’s diverse culture such as Dance, Music, Food and Festival. This year the SARANG festival includes Classical dance- Bharatnatyam, Instrumental Music, Film Festival, Food Festival and Art Exhibition.

Noted Bharatnatyam dancer Shri. Kapil Sharma is leading a 10- member team which includes a team for live music. The musical team will play the Indian instruments like Mridangam, Nattuvangam, Tanpura and Venu(Flute). Shri. Kapil Sharma is the leading disciple of Padmashri Leela Samson.

Maestro of strings, R. Sridhar, a talented violinist from New Delhi , with his group will present an ensemble of classical South Indian music.

With some of the recently released Indian Movies, Indian Film festival will showcase the vast diversity of the country through regional movies.

Food Festival will present the cuisine from the state of Rajasthan. From 31st October till 8th November the Food Festival will be organized at the Millennium Hilton Hotel, Seoul.

For booking tickets for Dance and Music events in Seoul, kindly follow this link:
http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp… (Bharatnatyam)
http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp… (Music festival)

For further information on events at other places, visit: https://blog.naver.com/indiaembassy_seoul/221653333525


2) SARANG 2019 Inauguration ceremony

3) Carnatic Music Performance at Yongsan Art Hall

4. Sarang Indo-Korean Art Exhibition

5. Film Festival

6. Sarang Food Fest 2019