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Advisories related to Corona Virus inflow

Posted on: February 24, 2020 | Back | Print

  State-wise quarantine rules.
02-08-2020 Guidelines for international arrivals issued by Government of India dated August 2, 2020
17-06-2020 Announcement of changes in the facility isolation cost for foreigners staying in Korea, dated June 23, 2020
17-06-2020 Advisory issued by Government of Republic of Korea for all inbound travelers to Korea, dated 17th June, 2020
03-06-2020 Advisory for incoming Indian travelers issued by Government of Republic of Korea dated, 3rd June, 2020.
02-06-2020 Mandatory quarantine instructions for all incoming travelers from India to Republic of Korea
24-05-2020 Advisory issued by Ministry of Health and family welfare, India which contain guidelines for International arrivals in India, dated 24th May,2020
24-05-2020 Advisory issued by Govt. of India which contain standard operating procedure for movement of Indian nationals stranded outside the country and stranded in India who are desirous to travel abroad, dated 24th May, 2020.
21-05-2020 Advisory for Indian nationals arriving in ROK, dated 21st May, 2020
19-05-20 RoK Govt's latest quarantine regulations for inbound travelers (with short term and long term visas) into ROK and Agreement to be signed by the traveler to being quarantined in a ROK Government facility, dated 19th May, 2020
19-05-2020 List of Testing Centers and Drive- through clinic centers which may provide certificate for COVID-19
11-04-2020 Advisory issued by ROK Government for Indian nationals arriving in Republic of Korea (ROK), dated 11th April, 2020.
19-03-2020 Additional Travel advisory for COVID-19 issued by Government of India dated 19th March, 2020
11-03-2020 Consolidated Travel Advisory for Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) dated 11th March,2020
05-03-2020 Update on COVID-19: Additional Travel Advisory issue by Government of India dated 5th March, 2020
03-03-2020 Revised Advisory on Travel to India on account of COVID-19 dated 3rd March,2020
27-02-2020 Advisory on visa on arrival issued by Embassy of India in Republic of Korea dated 27th February, 2020
26-02-2020 New Travel advisory issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India in context of COVID 19 dated February 26,2020
23-02-2020 COVID-19 Advisory for Indian Nationals in RoK dated February 23,2020 
06-02-2020 Measures taken by ROK to stop further inflow of Novel Coronavirus
15-01-2020 Advisory on visas