About Us Guidelines from Ministry of Justice of RoK regarding obligation to report changes in Alien Registration matters under Immigration Act

As per the Article 35 of the Immigration Act of Republic of Korea, registered aliens are required to report changes in Alien Registration matters, including his/her Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Passport Number, Date of issue, Expiry date. All these changes are supposed to be reported to Chief of Immigration Office within 14 days. In accordance with Article 100 of the Immigration Act, administrative fines of less than 1 million KRW are imposed for violation of provision of this act.

For reporting of changes in Passport information, mandatory reporting period is calculated starting 30 days after issue date of passport. Thus period of imposing fines is calculated starting 44 days after issue date of new passport. Reporting of Changes in passport information can be conveniently made through Hi-Korea website (www.hikorea.go.kr) without having to visit a jurisdictional immigration office. Guidelines for the same are given in following file:

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For further inquiries and assistance, please contact the Immigration Contact Cener (1345).