About Us Embassy Officials

General Numbers for the Main Embassy Building: +82-2-798-4257, (02)-798-4268 
General Numbers for Annex Building (Consular, Commercial and Cultural Wing): +82 -2-792-4258, (02)-792-4257 
(Please dial extension as in the list or dial '0' for operator assistance), Embassy Fax: +82-2-796-9534

Sl. No.  Name of Officers  Designation  Email  Telephone No. 
1. Ms. Sripriya Ranganathan   Ambassador amb.seoul@mea.gov.in  02-797-9308
2. Mr. Surinder Bhagat Deputy Chief of Mission dcm.seoul@mea.gov.in 02-790-5488
+82-2-798-4267 (Fax no.)
3. Colonel Rakesh Kumar Mishra Defense Attache da.seoul@mea.gov.in 02-797-4258
+82-749-4258 (Fax no.) 
4. Dr. Sonu Trivedi Director (Indian Cultural Center) itc.seoul@mea.gov.in  02-795-4257,
+82-2-797-4267 (Fax no.)
5. Ms. Nayantara Dabariya  Second Secretary (Commerce) com.seoul@mea.gov.in  02-792-4257
 795-4258 (Fax)
6. Ms. Jose Antro Healtha J Second Secretary (HoC and Education) hoc.seoul@mea.gov.in. 02-798-4257
7. Mr. Kriti Das Thokchom   Second Secretary (Political) pol.seoul@mea.gov.in  02-798-4257
8. Mr. K.K. Meena Second Secretary (Political) polsec.seoul@mea.gov.in 02-798-4252
9. Mr. Swapnil Devidas Thorat Third Secretary
(Commerce, IT and Social Media) 
it.seoul@mea.gov.in  02-798-4257
10. Mr. Ramesh Chandra Khulbey Attache (Admn) & DDO admn.seoul@mea.gov.in  02-798-4257
11. Mr. Kunal Kaushal Attache(Consular) attcons.seoul@mea.gov.in   02-798-4257
12. Ms. Neha Saini-Bhatia PA to AMB amboffice.seoul@mea.gov.in  
13. Mr. Narendra Garg PA to DCM dcmoffice.seoul@mea.gov.in