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Advisory on visas

The Embassy of India has been receiving queries from Korean and foreign nationals residing in RoK as to whether they can use their valid single/multiple entry visas to travel to India.

In this regard, the following may kindly be noted:

(i) Korean and foreign nationals who had traveled to China on or after January 15, 2020, should contact the Embassy or the Visa Application Centre in Hannamdong, Seoul for guidance so as to avoid any inconvenience on arrival in India. 

(ii) Chinese passport holders intending to visit India should contact the Embassy to apply afresh for Indian visa. It is clarified that existing visas - e-visas and regular visas - are no longer valid.

For further enquiries, please write at cons.seoul@mea.gov.in or call +82-2-7924257 extn 404, 406, 408.'