Submitted by userrr on Tue, 07/02/2024 - 09:55

The Embassy of India, Seoul has, in recent days, received calls from members of the Indian community in Republic of Korea about the increasing number of voice phishing calls targeting Indians.

2. Most of these reported cases have a similar modus operandi where the scammers identify themselves as from the Immigration Authorities of RoK, claim to have found discrepancies with the visas of the persons concerned and threaten deportation. Later, they offer them a solution, which would prevent their deportation and ask them to pay a financial penalty. Many Indians who had received such calls made payments.

3. All Indian nationals in RoK are advised to be careful about such scammers. They are further requested to exercise caution while sharing their personal information on social media platforms and with any third parties.

4. If you receive such suspicious calls, you may share details such as the telephone number of the caller, the claim made by the caller and any other relevant details of such calls to the Embassy of India by email, as well as lodge a complaint with the local police

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